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Southeast Research-Extension Center

Field Day Events


Kansas State University Research & Extension
Agronomy Institute
Wednesday, March 8th,  2017
Southeast Agriculture Research Center
25092 Ness Rd Parsons, KS

Lunch provided
Register by calling 620-820-6127
10:00...... Registration
10:30...... KEYNOTE: Mike Stamm – Is winter canola an option in SEKS?
11:10...... Andrew Stammer – Side-dressed N on corn in SEKS
11:30...... Ashley Lorence – Remote sensing to determine biomass and yield of wheat
11:50...... LUNCH
12:30...... Nate Thompson – Pigweed control in double crop Xtend soybean
12:50...... Marshall Hay – Solutions for managing our weed problems
1:10........ Andrew Stammer – Side-dressed N on corn in SEKS
1:30........ Santiago Tamagno – Soybean yield and grain nutrient composition: A review
1:50........ Amanda de Oliveria Silva – Wheat variety response to intensive vs. standard management strategies
2:10........ Adjourn


For more information please call (620) 820-6127 Kansas State University Research & Extension is an Equal Opportunity Provider and Employer.

Annual Field Day Events


We conduct three field days per year:  

  • Beef Cattle and Forage Crops 
       First Thursday in May at the Mound Valley Community Center
  • Spring Crops (including Wheat) Field Day
       Late May at the Parsons Unit
  • Fall Field Day
       Late September at the Columbus Unit.

Advisory Committee

Our Advisory Committee meets in early December at our headquarters building.  Special programs are conducted periodically at our headquarters building by area and local extension and other groups.