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Southeast Research-Extension Center

Forage Research


Research Emphasis

The primary purpose of this position is to obtain and evaluate forage germplasm, particularly legumes, and develop strategies that fulfill the performance goals for beef cattle production in ways that are economically and ecologically sustainable.

The following research objectives have been followed to fulfill this purpose. 1) Evaluate the adaptability, yield, and quality of plant cultivars with forage potential, primarily for beef cattle in southeastern Kansas. 2) Develop and test production systems, often in collaboration with other scientists, that incorporate the most promising cultivars or combinations. 3) Coordinate with the animal scientist to conduct evaluation trials that relate forage characteristics with animal performance, and assess their sustainability. 4) Relate the results to peers, and adapt the results to needs of stakeholders.


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Contact Information


Joseph Moyer
Professor, Forage Research
25092 Ness Rd.; P.O.Box 316
Parsons, KS 67357

Bio Brief

Joe has been at the Research Center since 1978. His research with forage crops began at the University of Wyoming in 1974.


Ph.D. Agronomy, Kansas State University, 1971