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Southeast Research-Extension Center

Bressner sign

Bressner Pasture

Within the Southeast Research and Extension Area, there is research conducted at the Bressner Research Unit in Yates Center.  The research conducted at this location is guided by a committee of extension agents, producers, and university faculty.  Field day reports and published literature that has been generated from this facility can be found by clicking on the topics below.  Examples of research projects conducted at this station include:

  • 90 day grazing season vs. 3/4 grazing season effects on gains and pasture composition
  • Summer grazing following a fall grazing on tallgrass native range
  • Patch-burning vs. full pasture burn effects on gains and pasture composition
  • Implant effects on cattle gains
  • Spice in mineral effects on cattle gains and potential for fly management
  • March vs April burning of pastures

Bressner google image

Google Maps view of Bressner unit including 8 pastures to conduct research.


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