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Southeast Research-Extension Center

4-H Youth Development

Kansas 4-H Youth Development is sponsored by K-State Research and Extension and County and District Extension Councils in the Southeast Area. The new 4-H Year begins October 1. Contact your local Extension Office for more information about 4-H.

2022 SE Youth Challenge Day

Tuesday June 21 in Emporia Kansas at the Anderson Building on the Lyon County Fairgrounds. 


Intermediate Division - Ages 9-13, (before Jan. 1)

Senior Division - Ages 14-18 (before Jan. 1)


Flyer/Information Sheet

For Questions


Calla Edwards: 316-321-9660 callae@ksu.edu 

Travis Carmichael: 620-341-3220, trcarmic@ksu.edu


Jennifer Terrell: 620-244-3826, jkterrell@ksu.edu

Valori Stone: Valori@ksu.edu


Brian Rees: 620-341-3220, brees@ksu.edu

Darl Henson : 620-364-5313, dhenson@ksu.edu 

FCS –Family and Consumer Science

Becky Reid: 620-221-5450  bkreid@ksu.edu

Cassidy Lutz: celutz@ksu.edu 

Barbara Stoebrand: bstockeb@ksu.edu 

Favorite Foods Contest

2022 Southeast Area Favorite Food Show Contest - June 21, 2022. Registration is due by June 3, 2022 and pre registration is required.
All registration through the local unit office.

Must qualify - Check with your local SE Extension Agent for details

Jill Barnhardt—jbarnhardt@ksu.edu, 620-364-5313

Jessica Flory- jrflory@ksu.edu, (785) 229-3520

Anne Pitts—aelpers@ksu.edu, 316-284-6930

SE 4-H Livestock Judging and Meats Contest and Skillathon

Thursday, June 23 in Yates Center

Flyer with all the details

2020 Summer Contest Results

Favorite Foods Show 

Photo Judging Contest

Family and Consumer Science Contest 

Horticulture Contest 

Crops Contest

Meats Contest 

Livestock Skillathon

Livestock - Intermediate

Livestock - Senior