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Southeast Research-Extension Center




Southeast Research-Extension Center - Parsons, Kansas


The Southeast Research-Extension Center is located in Parsons, Kansas. The center is a unit within the Eastern Kansas Research-Extension Centers, and is a part of the Kansas Agricultural Experiment Station and Cooperative Extension Service

Our Mission

"We are dedicated to a safe, sustainable, competitive food and fiber system and to strong, healthy communities, families and youth through integrated research, analysis and extension."

Organization Context

Kansas State University (KSU) agricultural programs include off-campus research-extension units under the auspices of the Kansas State Research and Extension (KSRE). These units are located strategically throughout the state to enhance contact with the people of Kansas, extend local services to clientele beyond the main campus, and broaden the focus to encompass a greater degree of diversity in climate and soils.

Program and Service Area

The program and service area of the Southeast Research-Extension Center is 26 counties in the southeast corner of Kansas. Counties in the Southeast Region include: Allen, Anderson, Bourbon, Butler, Chautauqua, Cherokee, CoffeyCowley, Crawford, Elk, Franklin, Greenwood, Harper, HarveyKingman, LabetteLinn, Lyon, Miami, MontgomeryNeosho, Osage, SedgwickSumner, Wilson, Woodson.  To learn more visit our Counties and District page.

How does K-State Research and Extension make a difference in your life?

We continK-State Extension Grand Challengesue to focus on addressing the five grand challenges: global food systems, water, health, developing tomorrow's leaders, and community vitality. Please explore this website for information.

K-State Research and Extension represents nearly 130 years of agricultural research and more than 100 years of extension. This system connects the university to every county through locally based educators. The legacy of this work is felt today in the continuous improvements in the quality of life and standard of living enjoyed by Kansans. 

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Eastern Kansas Research-Extension Centers (EKREC)


The Eastern Kansas Research-Extension Centers (EKREC), one of several administrative units accountable to the KAES director, is composed of four sub-units including: