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Southeast Research-Extension Center

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The Southeast Research-Extension Center, located in Parsons, Kansas, is a unit of K-State Research and Extension.  Extension operation are directed by Dr. J.D. McNutt (jdmcnutt@ksu.edu) and Research operations are directed by Lyle Lomas (llomas@ksu.edu).

K-State Research and Extension is a partnership between Kansas State University and the federal, state, and county governments. Research completed is used by extension agents and others to help solve community issues.  Please contact us the Southeast Research-Extension Center, and/or your local extension office for assistance.  Thank you.








Southeast Research-Extension Center
25092 Ness Road
P.O. Box 316
Parsons, KS  67357
(P) 620-421-4826
(F) 620-421-0136 




Field Office - Parsons
25092 Ness Rd.
(P) 620-421-4840

Field Office - Mound Valley
13072 Elk Rd.
(P) 620-328-3211